Travel Tips you NEED to know!

Who doesn’t absolutely love to travel? Getting the opportunity to explore a new place and make new memories screams fun! But no one ever talks about how stressful getting ready to travel is! We’ve compiled 5 travel tips for you to ensure a less stressful experience when getting ready to take off!

Pack Snacks and Refreshments

When traveling, buying things on the road tends to get extremely expensive. Packing some snacks for the road will ensure that your pockets and tummy are happy. Love fruit juice? Make your own! The great thing about juice is that you can bring it on the go. Simply make your juice, store it in bottles, and take it with you!

Download Audio Books or Music

This is especially useful when traveling with your kiddos. By downloading music and books in advance you won’t have to constantly hear “are we there yet?” Having something to listen to or watch will help with the boredom that most of us experience when traveling.

Dress For Comfort

Sure, no one wants to look unkempt but none of us are trying to win a fashion show when we travel. When traveling, comfort over beauty will ALWAYS win. For women, try wearing a pair of leggings and a comfortable shirt with sneakers. Bringing a change of clothes will also come in handy especially if you’re traveling from one kind of weather to another. Nothing’s worse than stepping out in -8 degree weather with a pair of shorts and flip flops on!

Pack the Essentials to Freshen Up!

When traveling for long periods of time especially via plane, we typically don’t have the luxury of taking a shower for a quite some time. The beauty of airports is there are bathrooms. Products like facial Wipes, a toothbrush and toothpaste and dry shampoo will help you feel somewhat “fresh” while traveling! You can also bring a combination lock safe to keep your travel documents.

Bring A Pillow And Blanket

Whether it’s on the train, or plane, when traveling temperatures tend to be much cooler. Bringing a pillow and blanket will help ensure a more comfortable time traveling. They also help us get comfortable enough to sleep! Some flights will provide them for you but bringing your own is always your best bet!

Wake up Early

Giving yourself enough time to get to your destination. If you’re looking to go to the best attractions while on your vacation, getting their early will help you avoid the crowds that you’re bound to endure.

Take Tons of Photos and Have FUN!

At the end of the day unless for work or personal reasons, we are most likely traveling for fun. This is the time to enjoy yourself and embrace everything that comes your way. Taking an abundance of photos will help you document the amazing memories you’re making. Go out, meet people, eat the best food you can find, catch some amazing views and again HAVE FUN!

Traveling can be stressful but following just a few tips will help you be prepared and take on the magical journey that awaits!

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