Luxury trains around the world for all kinds of adventure seekers

Luxury trains are a definitely a “thing.” These trains aren’t your standard train carts that have 1 beverage cart and terrible wi-fi. Countries all over the world have taken your every day train car and turned it into an elegant, upscale affair. The food, service and decor are all extremely high class and will definitely make you feel like you’re in the “in” crowd. From Europe to Japan, luxury trains have become a nice relaxing way to travel in style while experiencing a once in a lifetime journey!

Train Suite Shiki Shima

Located in Japan, this train can take you on a luxurious ride for up to three nights. You’ll experience the ambiance of the eastern Japanese countryside. The cabins are modern and sleep with Japanese furnishings. The high end finishings make the train look like something out of a magazine. You can also find a white-tablecloth restaurant that serves delicious regional cuisine.

The Maharajas’ Express

India’s best known luxurious train is the Maharajas’ Express. This train fits up to 88 gusts and takes you on a four or eight night journey. You’ll find yourself going through Jaipur, Varanasi and Goa. You’ll also get to experience the Taj Mahal). The decor consists of classic Indian design and the train features two fine dining restaurants. Fun fact: the train makes stops for elephant polo matches and evening Aarti rituals at the bathing ghats of the Ganges.

The Blue Train

For the last 70 years, the Blue Train has been gracing its passengers with sites of Pretoria to Cape Town. The journey takes approximately 31 hours and is fully equipped with gorgeous cabins, five star service and amazing cuisine. The fun thing about this train is people dress up for dinner- talk about high class!

The Ghan

Starting in 1929, the Ghan has been known around the world. Located in Australia this four day journey takes you from Darwin through the red center of the outback to Adelaide. With the excessive amount of stops, you can enjoy hiking through canyons and camel rides. While riding, you can find an abundance of local specialties, craft beers and amazing Australian wines.

Looking to get even more fancy? Become a platinum class guest and enjoy three five-course meals a day.

The Golden Eagle

You can find the Golden Eagle in both Russia and Mongolia. Taking around two weeks, passengers will enjoy a 6,800 mile ride from Moscow to Vladivostok. They get the luxury of stopping along the shores of Lake Baikal into Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia. Some features on the train are a private viewing of the Kremlin, a glass of Champagne with one foot in Europe and the other in Asia at Yekaterinburg, and a traditional Russian cooking class in Irkutsk. Not only will you be riding in style, but you’ll also pick up a few cooking tricks along the way.

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