Dulles Corridor Users Group

The Dulles Corridor Users Group, is a advocacy group that is fighting cost effective mobility. They filed a lawsuit in Virginia State courts as well as federal court. The lawsuit is asking that there be refund of $200 million in overcharges on the Dulles Toll Road in Virginia, also known as Virginia Route 267. The Dulles Corridor Users group lawsuits also asks that the state remove all toll plazas to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. This will ultimately turn the now toll highway into a free public highway. According to the group, route 267 is fully paid for which is typically why states charge to use the highways. Being that it is paid it full, the group feels like it is no longer necessary to have to pay for the highway. It is said that route 267 has plans of raising the toll fees which will result in users having to pay $23 round trip per usage.