5 Largest US Public Transit Systems

The United States is home of some of the largest public transportation systems in the world. You can find several options for transportation such as subways, busses, light rails, and ferry’s in these major cities. These public transportation system transports millions of commuters daily in your county, click here to find out your county. In the US, there are five major cities that have the largest public transportation system; Chicago, New York City, Boston, Washington DC, and San Francisco. Since 1904, the US has been providing public transportation to commuters and residents of all kind making the daily commute a little less stressful!

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Travel Tips you NEED to know!

Who doesn’t absolutely love to travel? Getting the opportunity to explore a new place and make new memories screams fun! But no one ever talks about how stressful getting ready to travel is! We’ve compiled 5 travel tips for you to ensure a less stressful experience when getting ready to take off!

Pack Snacks and Refreshments

When traveling, buying things on the road tends to get extremely expensive. Packing some snacks for the road will ensure that your pockets and tummy are happy. Love fruit juice? Make your own! The great thing about juice is that you can bring it on the go. Simply make your juice, store it in bottles, and take it with you!

Download Audio Books or Music

This is especially useful when traveling with your kiddos. By downloading music and books in advance you won’t have to constantly hear “are we there yet?” Having something to listen to or watch will help with the boredom that most of us experience when traveling.

Dress For Comfort

Sure, no one wants to look unkempt but none of us are trying to win a fashion show when we travel. When traveling, comfort over beauty will ALWAYS win. For women, try wearing a pair of leggings and a comfortable shirt with sneakers. Bringing a change of clothes will also come in handy especially if you’re traveling from one kind of weather to another. Nothing’s worse than stepping out in -8 degree weather with a pair of shorts and flip flops on!

Pack the Essentials to Freshen Up!

When traveling for long periods of time especially via plane, we typically don’t have the luxury of taking a shower for a quite some time. The beauty of airports is there are bathrooms. Products like facial Wipes, a toothbrush and toothpaste and dry shampoo will help you feel somewhat “fresh” while traveling! You can also bring a combination lock safe to keep your travel documents.

Bring A Pillow And Blanket

Whether it’s on the train, or plane, when traveling temperatures tend to be much cooler. Bringing a pillow and blanket will help ensure a more comfortable time traveling. They also help us get comfortable enough to sleep! Some flights will provide them for you but bringing your own is always your best bet!

Wake up Early

Giving yourself enough time to get to your destination. If you’re looking to go to the best attractions while on your vacation, getting their early will help you avoid the crowds that you’re bound to endure.

Take Tons of Photos and Have FUN!

At the end of the day unless for work or personal reasons, we are most likely traveling for fun. This is the time to enjoy yourself and embrace everything that comes your way. Taking an abundance of photos will help you document the amazing memories you’re making. Go out, meet people, eat the best food you can find, catch some amazing views and again HAVE FUN!

Traveling can be stressful but following just a few tips will help you be prepared and take on the magical journey that awaits!

7 Train Rides in North America that are a MUST see

North America is the home of an abundance of train rides open to the public. These rides contain mountains, landscapes, and breathtaking views that will not only be enjoyable, but relaxing. We’ve come up with the top 7 train rides that you must check out in North America!

Grand Canyon Railway

Located in Williams, AZ, the Grand Canyon Railway is at the top of our list! Since 1901, this train has been taking passengers through pine forests and desert landscapes. The duration of the ride is 8 hours and 15 minutes. You’ll eventually arrive at the canyon and will have the change to experience breathtaking views!

Pullman Rail Journeys

The Pullman Rail with the best kitchen faucet brands in it’s dining lounge takes you from Chicago, IL to New Orleans, LA. You’ll feel like you’ve just traveled back in time with the art deco feel that this train has. During your 19 hours and 30 minute ride, you may get the chance to experience performances by Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk!

Napa Valley Wine Train

This 3 hour train ride takes you from downtown Napa to St. Helena. You’ll find rolling green hills and rustic vineyards along the way. Passengers will also receive a multi-course gourmet meal as a travel through the gorgeous landscapes. The railcars are over 100 years old and give you a luxuriously, vintage experience. The Wine Train preserves a piece of Napa Valley history and proudly continues railroading traditions

Cape Cod Central Railroad

Start your ride in Hyannis, MA and enjoy a 2 hour journey to Sandwich, MA. The Cape Cod Central Railroad runs from May through October and offers Shoreline Excursion Trains, Yankee Clipper Brunch Trains, Cape Cod Dinner Trains and various special events. You’ll be sure to see views of the Cape’s woodlands, sand dunes, marshes, and so much more as you embark on this historic train ride.

Cass Scenic Railroad

Nestled in Cass, WV, this 4 hour and 30 minute train brings you to Bald Knob. You will travel up into the mountains past sawmills, old locomotive shops, creeks, and springs. Bald Knob is the third highest point in West Virginia. As you travel through the state park, you’ll end up at Bald Knob, the third highest point in West Virginia! Trips to Cass Scenic Railroad State Park are filled with rich history, unparalleled views and the sights!

Amtrak Cascades

The 11 hours and 30 minute trip will take you from Eugene, OR to Vancouver, BC. Gorgeous seascapes, majestic mountains, and wildlife sightings are all part of your trip. Amtrak cascades provide a European-style feel with reclining seats, laptop outlets and bike racks. You can also find a Bistro Car, which features fresh, regional cuisine, wine, microbrews, and so much more!

Rocky Mountaineer

Take a ride from Vancouver, BC to Banff, AB. You have the option of traveling for 2 days or 2 weeks! One of the most popular routes to take allows passengers to retrace the steps of 19th century explorers by traveling through the legendary Spiral Tunnels!

Luxury trains around the world for all kinds of adventure seekers

Luxury trains are a definitely a “thing.” These trains aren’t your standard train carts that have 1 beverage cart and terrible wi-fi. Countries all over the world have taken your every day train car and turned it into an elegant, upscale affair. The food, service and decor are all extremely high class and will definitely make you feel like you’re in the “in” crowd. From Europe to Japan, luxury trains have become a nice relaxing way to travel in style while experiencing a once in a lifetime journey!

Train Suite Shiki Shima

Located in Japan, this train can take you on a luxurious ride for up to three nights. You’ll experience the ambiance of the eastern Japanese countryside. The cabins are modern and sleep with Japanese furnishings. The high end finishings make the train look like something out of a magazine. You can also find a white-tablecloth restaurant that serves delicious regional cuisine.

The Maharajas’ Express

India’s best known luxurious train is the Maharajas’ Express. This train fits up to 88 gusts and takes you on a four or eight night journey. You’ll find yourself going through Jaipur, Varanasi and Goa. You’ll also get to experience the Taj Mahal). The decor consists of classic Indian design and the train features two fine dining restaurants. Fun fact: the train makes stops for elephant polo matches and evening Aarti rituals at the bathing ghats of the Ganges.

The Blue Train

For the last 70 years, the Blue Train has been gracing its passengers with sites of Pretoria to Cape Town. The journey takes approximately 31 hours and is fully equipped with gorgeous cabins, five star service and amazing cuisine. The fun thing about this train is people dress up for dinner- talk about high class!

The Ghan

Starting in 1929, the Ghan has been known around the world. Located in Australia this four day journey takes you from Darwin through the red center of the outback to Adelaide. With the excessive amount of stops, you can enjoy hiking through canyons and camel rides. While riding, you can find an abundance of local specialties, craft beers and amazing Australian wines.

Looking to get even more fancy? Become a platinum class guest and enjoy three five-course meals a day.

The Golden Eagle

You can find the Golden Eagle in both Russia and Mongolia. Taking around two weeks, passengers will enjoy a 6,800 mile ride from Moscow to Vladivostok. They get the luxury of stopping along the shores of Lake Baikal into Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia. Some features on the train are a private viewing of the Kremlin, a glass of Champagne with one foot in Europe and the other in Asia at Yekaterinburg, and a traditional Russian cooking class in Irkutsk. Not only will you be riding in style, but you’ll also pick up a few cooking tricks along the way.

6 North American Cities with the Best Public Transportation System

When living in a major city, having your own vehicle isn’t always the easiest. You have to worry about traffic and worst of all, parking. Free parking is great, but most of the major cities require you to pay for parking, or have an abundance of parking restrictions. Not only is it tough to deal with, but eventually it gets extremely expensive. Taking public transportation is a great option for those looking to have an easier time navigating around their city and want to save money and time.

New York City

With undoubtedly, the best public transportation, most people living in NYC use the subway or the bus system. The subway can get you from borough to borough making frequent stops in between. Traveling between each is easy to navigate and helps you escape NYC traffic via car.

Not only is there the subway, but you also have access to the bus, ferry, and LIRR. Not only can you get around NYC but the Metro North takes you to upstate NY and throughout Southern CT. Also, we can’t forget the excessive amount of taxis available in NYC as well!

Boston, MA

In order to get around Boston, commuters can take the most popular option called the “T”. You can also use the bus, commuter rail, water taxis, and ferries. Boston recently launched a GoBoston 2030 plan designed to increase public transit due to the cities ever growing population.

Washington, D.C.

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority manages public transportation throughout the DC area, primarily relying on buses and subways. The Metro endures over 200 million trips per year and that’s not including the bus system that handles another 130 million trips every year! With D.C.’s ever growing population, it makes driving to work extremely long. Having the option to use public transportation is vital in DC!

San Francisco, California

Home of BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), San Francisco is number 4 on our list! Commuters mostly use buses and trains which are the most significant pieces of San Francisco’s transit system. BART moves commuters to and from nearby cities such as Oakland and Berkeley daily!

Chicago, Illinois

Operating since 1892, Chicago’s transit system is among the oldest in the city. Chicago’s “L” trains from the third-largest city rail system in the U.S. providing on average transportation to nearly 800,000 people! On average, Chicago commuters spend 43.6 minutes getting to work each day, which is just 10 minutes more than the average car commuter. It’s safe to say that taking public transportation in Chicago may result in a much easier, stress free commute to work each day!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Commuters in Pittsburgh spend an average of 32 minutes traveling to work each day according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Pittsburgh provides two options for public transportation; buses and the light rail, better known as the “T.” With the bus being the most popular, it provides transportation to upwards 180,000 people on a typical weekday!