6 North American Cities with the Best Public Transportation System

When living in a major city, having your own vehicle isn’t always the easiest. You have to worry about traffic and worst of all, parking. Free parking is great, but most of the major cities require you to pay for parking, or have an abundance of parking restrictions. Not only is it tough to deal with, but eventually it gets extremely expensive. Taking public transportation is a great option for those looking to have an easier time navigating around their city and want to save money and time.

New York City

With undoubtedly, the best public transportation, most people living in NYC use the subway or the bus system. The subway can get you from borough to borough making frequent stops in between. Traveling between each is easy to navigate and helps you escape NYC traffic via car.

Not only is there the subway, but you also have access to the bus, ferry, and LIRR. Not only can you get around NYC but the Metro North takes you to upstate NY and throughout Southern CT. Also, we can’t forget the excessive amount of taxis available in NYC as well!

Boston, MA

In order to get around Boston, commuters can take the most popular option called the “T”. You can also use the bus, commuter rail, water taxis, and ferries. Boston recently launched a GoBoston 2030 plan designed to increase public transit due to the cities ever growing population.

Washington, D.C.

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority manages public transportation throughout the DC area, primarily relying on buses and subways. The Metro endures over 200 million trips per year and that’s not including the bus system that handles another 130 million trips every year! With D.C.’s ever growing population, it makes driving to work extremely long. Having the option to use public transportation is vital in DC!

San Francisco, California

Home of BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), San Francisco is number 4 on our list! Commuters mostly use buses and trains which are the most significant pieces of San Francisco’s transit system. BART moves commuters to and from nearby cities such as Oakland and Berkeley daily!

Chicago, Illinois

Operating since 1892, Chicago’s transit system is among the oldest in the city. Chicago’s “L” trains from the third-largest city rail system in the U.S. providing on average transportation to nearly 800,000 people! On average, Chicago commuters spend 43.6 minutes getting to work each day, which is just 10 minutes more than the average car commuter. It’s safe to say that taking public transportation in Chicago may result in a much easier, stress free commute to work each day!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Commuters in Pittsburgh spend an average of 32 minutes traveling to work each day according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Pittsburgh provides two options for public transportation; buses and the light rail, better known as the “T.” With the bus being the most popular, it provides transportation to upwards 180,000 people on a typical weekday!

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